the cold store in The Faroe Islands
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About us

Bergfrost was established in 1995 and began storing frozen products in February 1996. Bergfrost was built on the basic idea that it would be a store for frozen pelagic fish products. Bergfrost has since expanded this basis to include all frozen marine products

Bergfrost receives fish products from most groups of vessels sailing the North Atlantic Ocean – such as shrimp trawlers, fillet and factory ships and cargo boats.

Care for the environment was the primary reason for blasting tunnels from the mountain for the cold store. It was felt that the blot on the landscape would be too visible if the quarry in Fuglafjørður was extended northwards. Far-sighted council members came up with the idea of going further into the mountain for stones.

There were several advantages. Fuglafjørður got stones for building the harbour, damage to nature was invisible, and the hole in the mountain could be used for storage. Bergfrost is the only cold store in the Faroes that carries out its activities inside a mountain.

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