the cold store in The Faroe Islands
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The operations

Faroes lie in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Ships from all neighbouring countries fish in our waters and therefore it is easy and convenient for them to berth and unload in Fuglafjørður. Bergfrost fulfils all the requirements of a modern cold store.

Bergfrost offers to discharge and transport goods, and to empty or stow containers and trucks. Berg frost also handles the paperwork and arranges health documents, bills of lading, proforma documents and all other documents, which are relevant to a shipment.

Bergfrost provides a new storage control, which entails each pallet being marked with its own bar code and getting its own identity. This gives the customer the reassurance that the company always has control of the products.

The storage system allows customers to see the their stock on the internet. Available data are status and historic view of the activety regardin the stock.

Fuglafjørður is a natural collection point with regular cargo vessel connections to the main harbours in Runavík and Tórshavn. In the area where Bergfrost is located there are many other services which vessels can access, and that is why we are the natural choice for ships that fish in the North Atlantic ocean.

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