the cold store in The Faroe Islands
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Bergfrost’s storage tunnels hold in total 29,000 cubics. Depending upon the product, it is the equivalent of about 8,000 tons.

At the beginning Bergfrost only had one tunnel with a storage capacity of 9,000 cubics, the equivalent of about 2,000 tons of product. Another tunnel, which holds 20,000 cubits, became operational in 2001 thereby increasing the total storage capacity to about 8.000 tons.

There are several advantages to having stores in the mountain. All products are handled under cover. This means the product is not subjected to strong sun and rain and bird excrement is not a problem. It is always calm and the product is not subject to fluctuations of temperature.

Research shows that the cold in the tunnels extends as far as 21 metres into the mountain. This means that the products are safe even if the plant should have a mechanical breakdown. It is estimated that the product will remain frozen for at least two to three weeks if an accident should happen.

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