the cold store in The Faroe Islands
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The harbour area

Bergfrost has a wharf, which is 52 metres long and 12 meters deep. The port has depths between 4 and 13 meters. Therefore all normal ships can berth and moor in all types of weather. The longest vessel, which has moored at the Berfrost’s wharf, was 140 metres long.

Fuglafjørður’s harbour is used to handling many vessels from home and abroad. On average about 1,000 ships a year visit Fuglafjørður, and all the normal services are in the area. This means it is easy to access and to get other things done at the same time.


•Vónin / Net and trawl works
•Electrical services
•Radio mechanics
•Cleaning agents
•Shipping agent: Skipafelagið

There are 900 metres of quay space in the harbour, with a depth between 4 and 12 metres.

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